...I wanted to just share a picture of my booth at The Lone Star Ladies Presents Shop Austin!  This was an amazing event...very organized, the communication from these ladies was awesome!  The craft show was scheduled at 11AM...at 10:30 there were 50 people lined up to get in....at 11AM  the line was down the block...these ladies really know what they are doing.  
As an up and coming vendor and my booth size was only 4ft X 4ft.  We tried to be creative and this is what we came up with...I sat in the back of the booth...it worked out GREAT!  And the customers...they were all amazing!  If any of you live in Austin and wasn't able to make it to this event, please be on the look out next year.  Goodie Bags were given out to the first 30 people...they were worth over $300 each!  WOW!  I really wanted one of those bags.  


Anonymous said...

I also do craft shows and I am curious about your racks. They are a great display. Where did you get them and the card packaging - where did you get that. Hope you don't mind me asking.
Leslie at lesliemaj@verizon.net

RisaJ said...

OMG...your set up is ggggrrrrreat!!! I love it. Keep up the good work!!


Unknown said...

it was great to have you at our event!!!! allison