Painting IKEA ALEX Drawers

Painting IKEA furniture is not as hard as you think it is.  I love to create quick and easy DIY projects that don't take too much time, but this will take you 3 days.  I let everything dry overnight between steps.

I've had these ALEX Drawers for years.  They were purchased a year apart, one was a white and the other just a little off-white.  I wanted them to match and fit perfectly into my new craft area.  I think they make a great addition to the new office | craft room.  And I use these all the time.  It's one of the few things I did bring with me when we moved.

First thing's first, will need the following things:

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IKEA Alex Drawers
Zinsser BIN Primer
Quality Paints

Cleaning Cloth
Quality Paint Brushes and/or
Paint Roller
Deco Art Americana Dura Clear Satin Varnish
  1. Clean your drawers to remove any dirt or dust. I just used warm water.  Let dry.
  2. Remove your drawer fronts, if your cabinet is already assembled - ignore the dust!  ha!
  3. Prime the drawer fronts as well as the cabinets. Let dry, following manufacturer's directions.
  4. Paint.  I used paint brushes for this step, but you can use a roller.  I do have small brush marks, they look a lot better once the varnish has dried, not completely smooth - I'm completely ok with that.  Let completely dry in between coats and then let dry overnight before the next step.
  5. Paint with varnish.  Let dry overnight.

  6. Re-assemble your drawers and enjoy. 
I hope you enjoy this post and please feel free to leave comments or share your completed projects.  I can't wait to see what you come up with.  Thanks for stopping by!

I've been asked about the colors we used in this project.   I'm listing the colors here:
All paint is from Sherwin Williams
PINK:  Hibiscus SW6851
CORAL:  Dishy Coral SW6598
YELLOW:  Solaria SW6688
GREEN:  Frolic SW6703
TEAL:  Refresh SW6751
PURPLE:  Scanda SW6529

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