I'm way so excited that this book is out...please, please, please go and pick one up...or purchase one online from B&N. And if you turn to page 224, you will see yours truly, yep, ME! WHOOHOOOO!!!

Inspired by NPR’s Story Corps (an audio project collecting people’s stories and archiving them for posterity), Craft Corps the book will be community, our community, celebrated on the written page. The book will focus on my conversations with 30 influential designers:

  • Amy Butler (Amy Butler Designs)
  • Cathie Filian (Emmy Nominated Host)
  • Jenny Hart (Sublime Stitching)
  • Shannon Okey (Knitgrrl)
  • Traci Bautista (Collage Unleashed)
  • Christina Batch-Lee (Etsy)
  • Natalie Zee Drieu (CRAFT)
  • Denyse Schmidt (DS Quilts)
  • Garth Johnson (Extreme Craft)
  • Susan Beal (Portland Supercrafty)
  • Wendy Russell (She’s Crafty)
  • Jackie Guerra (DIY Jewelry Making)
  • Jessica Marshall Forbes (Ravelry)
  • Travis Nichols (Artist/Author)
  • Alex Anderson (Alex Anderson Quilts)
  • Sandi Genovese (DIY Scrapbooking)
  • Carol Duvall (Carol Duvall Show)
  • Margot Potter (The Impatient Crafter)
  • Ed Roth (Stencil 1)
  • Faythe Levine (Handmade Nation)
  • Jennifer Perkins (Craft Lab/NSC)
  • Kathy Cano-Murillo (Crafty Chica)
  • Leah Kramer (
  • Mark Montano (TLC’s While Your Were Out)
  • Mary Englebreit (Mary Englebreit Magazine)
  • Diana Rupp (Make Workshop)
  • Claudine Hellmuth (
  • Jenny Ryan (Felt Club)
  • Amanda Soule (
  • Jay McCarroll (Project Runway)

all covering their craftographies, philosophies and advice. In addition, profiles of another 60 recreational and “behind-the-scenes” crafters will be sprinkled within, giving you a glimpse of our wonderfully diverse community of military men turned woodworkers, pre-teens who knit to raise money for charity, television art directors, and baby-boomers who craft while caring for their elderly parents. To quote Oprah, “everyone has a story”, and Craft Corps will share some of ours/yours with the world!

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