Friday Letter

dear IRS:  finally, thank you.  just in time for shoe shopping with my daughter.

dear honey:  I love you.  I know I wasn't happy to know how much you spent on the concert tickets for the kids, but they will have a great time.  enjoy YOUR time with them.

dear lady at @ the ice machine in the break room.  YES it's broken, don't continue to push the button over and over hoping to get seriously doesn't work.

dear self:  let's try getting to bed on time and waking up just a little earlier during the week, have a cup of coffee, then wake the kids.  it really make us less grumpy at work and more organized for the kids.

dear gas prices:  really?  UGH

dear a stylish little lady - thank you for inviting me to join your My Style Wednesdays...can wait to post more creative items.

dear starbucks:  WELCOME BACK into my life.  my 40 days without you is OVER

dear lani:  can't wait to see you tomorrow - it will be fun

this is my Friday letter, have a great weekend


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Lani Derrick said...

Awwwww I'm excited to see you too!