Friday Letter - March 2nd

dear friday:  Thank you for coming.  I truly missed you this week.  I can't wait to sleep in a bit tomorrow.

dear Lani:  Can't wait to hang out tomorrow.  It's going to be fun {{yay}}

dear Renagade:  Please accept my craft show application.  It's my first time applying, I'm a little nervous.

dear Honey:  I love you.  Sorry about the phone call on Thursday.  I really feel bad, but you can do it.  And I will do it too!

dear Orders:  At this very moment I'm unable to see the end of the tunnel. I'm sure I will start to see some light this weekend -- hopefully

dear self:  Great start on getting up earlier this week.  The kids noticed how it's makes us a happier person.  Let's try for a little earlier next week.

dear Fried Foods:  I do miss you but I must day I'm doing better without you.

this is my friday letter



Lani Derrick said...

I'm super excited about tomorrow too! Maybe we can find a sale along the way too.

Alyssa said...

I missed Friday too!! Did it not feel like it took forever to get here? Is it just me feeling that way?

Chandra said...

Sending all the best in hopes the craft show will work out and for continued success with your business:D