My Friday Letter - April 20th

helllooooooo Friday...I'm glad you're here.  I'm hoping to finish up my workstation this weekend so I can organize and decorate it

dear honey:  thank you so much for my new ring.  I love it sooooo much.

dear kayla (daughter):  thank you for talking to me about the sex ed class that was tought this week at school.  it was so funny when you told me "I will spare you all the graphic details"  LOL that was so funny.  I love you girl, I'm very lucky to be your mom.

dear anthony (son): I'm so proud of will love driving school

dear scale:  you are dumb...I really hate you

dear excerise video:  you suck, but the workouts are really great after I'm done - yeah...there I said it, after I'm done

dear workweek:  you were not too bad this week - thanks

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