tisa's weekend in review

I had a great busy but peaceful weekend.  Friday night we went out for dinner at one of favorite restaurants - La Margarita.  I tried to be really good and I only had 4 chips with the salsa - I'm trying to stay away from chips, but when you have a margarita you gotta have chips, right???!!!

Saturday we started to work on my new workstation...I can't post those pictures until it's done...I'm so excited...this weekend I was busy filling nail holes and painting the walls.  I honestly love to paint walls {{any color but white}}

Sunday while we continue to work on the workstation, my daughter and I went to Lowe's and we got completely soaked - hahaha, it was so funny we laughed at ourselves.  We actually had to come back home to change clothes before heading to the grocery store...Sunday afternoon I frosted cupcakes while the kids took long naps and then built one of my new bookshelves...

have a great Monday everyone

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