Friday Letter: May 18th

dear friday:  you came pretty quick this week.  doesn't matter, I'm happy to sleep in tomorrow

dear lani:  I'm so excited that I already got your b-day gift.  you will love it, but I'm not sure if I can wait until July to give it to you.  can't wait to hang out tomorrow, have a drink {m, not you} and then hit's going to be fun

dear risa:  I got your b-day gift too and then I got me three of the items I got for you and Lani...heheeh

dear honey:  thank you for everything.  the simple things mean the most.  also thanks for driving the kids around {and paying} for the mother's day planning - really sweet

dear anthony and kayla:  mother's day was amazing.  thanks for doing the grocery shopping for the week and making breakfast and dinner last Sunday.  I liked the gifts too, BUT LOVED that you both were so thoughtful. I'm lucky to be your mom - LOVE YOU

dear tummy:  please get to feeling better soon

dear bre:  I can't believe you will graduate in just a few days.  I'm so proud of you.  don't let anything or anyone get in the way of your AWESOME DREAMS

dear blogs I subscribe to:  I'm so behind on reading all your awesome posts.  I promise to get caught up Sunday morning after Joel Osteen and Meet the Press

this is my friday letter - have a great weekend



Lissa @ her + him said...

ha i know! i get so behind on reading posts too! the web is distracting! you start out one place and end up another :) found you via the link up! xo

Ashley Slater said...

so sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you are on the mend soon! loved your letters! thanks for linking up with me this week!