Friday Letter - March 8th

dear my honey's new work schedule - please make up your mind - I'm tired

dear honey - I'm here to support you.  Whatever you need

dear self - I'm not sure how I feel about shopping at our new store

dear wine - your day is coming!

dear kayla - come on, getting caught at school using your cell phone - ahhhhhh, rookie mistake.  But great job on the kitchen this week

dear anthony - we need to get you driving more.  I going to need your help.  Hopefully this summer you will be driving full-time.

dear risa - it's really ok.  It will all work out.  Can't wait for NYC.  Next year we should go back and work!  You never know.

dear craftcation...I will be in Cali attending your awesome conference is less tha 13 days - whooohoooo!

dear renegade craft show - FINALLY!  I get accepted to one of your awesome shows.  I hope I don't spend more than I make.  It's going to be AWE----SOME!



Melissa Boo said...

Congrats on getting accepted into Renegade! One of my goals this year is to apply to a large craft fair. I'm super nervous to do it though.

Stopping by from Friday's Letters.

Kim @ Two Martini Lunch said...

Hi there.
I have never been to a craftcation, sounds like so much fun. Congratulations on being accepted to Renegade, I hope you sell out fast so you have time to shop. :-) Happy Weekend.