I Think I'm in Love { yes again }

Everyone knows I love handmade items.
When I saw this on Etsy.... I knew I had to have it...
What more can I say, the packaging is perfect, even got a cute little note with the order.  So awesome.  So perfect.  So ME!
Everyone....introducing my TEXAS necklace from theFolk

The shop 
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When checking out you select your state  {of course} but the best part  - You also select your preference of gold or silver wire, or you can get a mixture.  My Texas and chain are both silver and then the heart is gold.  I love the choice to create your own necklace.

I will be sure to wear this next week when I travel to California and then again next month when I travel to Utah!

Thank you so much Julie


Designed Decor said...

What a cute item! I hope we can meet at Snap!

Tisas Creations said...

I hope to meet you there - I'm getting so excited and can hardly wait! Thanks for posting a comment!