Friday Letter - April 12, 2013

dear honey - thanks for all the encouragement.  and you do know this new 'situation' is only a small bump in the road.  we will handle it and make everything right.

dear self - try  not to judge yourself so harshly...things are getting better... patience...patience...patience...

dear new frig:  you're so beautiful!  now to make everything around you shine!

dear snap conference:  6 more days, that's only 144 hours or 8640 minutes!

dear week:  not so bad! not bad at all...

dear new PJ's:  you are so cute!  can't for for the pajama party at SNAP conference

dear kid #2:  congrats on your report card...see, I told you!!!

dear kid #1:  where is yours?

dear risa:  I need help with my kitchen, new decorating ideas.  thanks for sending the pic of me and anthony, best laugh this week.  sorry about new york

dear jennifer:  thanks for an awesome photo shoot has sunday

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Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Sounds like your really looking forward to the conference ... not that your counting or anything! Saying hi from Fridays Letters :)