Friday Letter - April 26, 2013

dear Friday:  thanks you for getting here but man what a week!  I need my workday to send like right now!

dear self: sometimes it's better to just hold your tongue.  ok,  now get those important emails out this weekend and let's get that to do list ready, it's about to get busy.

dear renegade:  you are coming way too soon and I'm so behind {sad face}

dear honey:  I thought I would hate your new schedule, but it's really been great having you home the last few days.  it's not as bad as I thought

dear SNAP:  thank you!  I had such a great time.  Hope to see you again next year.  I met so many new friends, it was awesome

dear risa:  Happy early birthday to us!  Let's make our 39th year AWESOME!  I can't wait for NYC.

Happy Friday everyone!

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