re-cap - craftcation, part 1

I wanted to talk to you today about some of the awesome people I met while at craftcation.

craftcation...yeah, remember this view...simply amazing, right

First, I would like to introduce Lindsey & Mikel Stone of Clean Getaway Soap Company

I have three words for you...OH...MY...GOSH...
two more words...amazing couple
two more {LOL}...amazing presenters
ok, five new handmade business crush!

I took a class they were teaching at Craftcation.  They spoke on Booth Design & Displays @ Craft Shows.  My first thought, "I've done this before, but I might learn something new, so why not."  And oh, boy did I learn something new.  They presented so many great ideas and gave sooooooooooo many great examples.  They told this story of how they made it to their first craft show....on a bike with a baby trailer attached to the back of the funny, I will never for get it...

They run a really cute soap company called Clean Getaway Soap Company.  They have the best soap packaging and not to mention their booth set up is soooo amazing.  It was really a privilege to meet this couple.  Not only were they fun, but I really did  learn something new.

Take a look at their website.
Take a look at their etsy.
Do you see the packaging...OMG, LOVE...much LOVE.  And they have a soap of the month club, genius! I've just placed my first order with them...can't wait to get it!!!
Thanks Lindsey and Mikel


I still have lots more excitement for the next person I met while at Craftcation

Introducing Kari Chapin - she is so stinkin' cute!
Author of

and author of

if you are thinking of starting a handmade business or you are looking to grow, you really should check out her books.  While I didn't take any of her classes.  I was able to sit with her a round first thought - WOW, she's pretty amazing.  She has so much knowledge and information - She was inspiring others to write.  While I'm not a writer she did put a little bug in my ear {that I'm currently ignoring}.  
You can purchase the books here.  

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Honeybee said...

Great info, Tisa! I love the look of the soap, checked out their etsy & now I'm in love with them & I can only imagine the great stuff they shared with you all. Such great packaging & vibe. Cool. Thanks so much for sharing, thanks again for my little button at Snap, I loved it!