52 lists in 52 weeks | week #1

I'm a person who is always makes lists, I'm sure there are several in my bag right now.  So, over the holiday I did a little research and found this amazing project - 52 Lists in 52 Weeks.

Each week I will post a new prompt and at the end of the post I will post next week's prompt.  Everyone can participate.  Simply write a list every week and keep them in a journal or keep a notepad for your project snap a picture and link up with us.  We can explore together.  I hope you will join me. 
I would like to thank the following blogs for the inspiration -  Moora Seal | Carrie Loves | Prytz Family

Week #1:  Goals for 2014

1.  Be a better wife, mom and friend.
2.  Continue to reach for the stars.
3.  Put my house on the market.
4.  Grow tisa's creations.
5.  Become more balanced.
6.  Run, run & run more!
7. Learn something new.
8.  Travel to some where new.
9.  Meet new friends!
10.  Read more.
11.  Send more thank you cards.
12.  Learn patience!!

Prompt for Week #2:  10 Blogs I Adore

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