DIY Jumbo Gold Paperclips

A super easy project!
I have seen gold jumbo paper clips everywhere.  And I love them.  I had all the items at home to make them, so I made my own.

Supplies you'll need for this project
Jumbo paperclips
Half Pint Wide Mouth Mason Jar
Gold Spray Paint

All you do is just spray the top of the mason jar and the paperclips (both sides).  Just a couple of pointers.
     1.  Please be sure not to spray to close.  
     2.  As as soon as the paperclips are dry to the touch,  move them just a bit on your board so they will not stick.  Spraying from a distance will also help with this.
     3.  Let these dry a full day before using.

 Just add the clips to the jar and use. 

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