Friday Letter - May 9th

this week was a really tough week for me, I needed to pull my self to the side and give myself a hard talk

dear self:  finally friday is here, and you will be able to go to sleep at a decent time tonight.  but we need to make some life changes. yes, you have been doing well - running and your attitude is so positive now, but you need to start saying NO more.  keep your 'real' support team and family close to you and everything will be fine.

saying NO will keep you balanced.  take care of you and then you will continue to grow.  don't answer the phone for people who usually call only when they need something…let it roll to voicemail and this will give you time to make the decision you want to make with no pressure.

keep breathing, be happy, do what you love.  love your husband 100%, give your kids 100% and most important only do things that make you happy.

dear running:  I'm back in 2 weeks.  This week I feel amazing  and I wanted to just take off this week and run.  I'm proud I didn't because the last thing I want is to injured myself again.

dear risa:  I'm so glad you are better!  I was so worried about you

dear nori:  thank you so much for last night I had an amazing time with you and your family

dear alt for everyone:  yes!  I can't not believe I won a ticket!  I've only taken one class but I have several scheduled today and tomorrow…I'm so excited…by the way the information is amazing

dear chuy's   ok, I'm so sorry, you were once my favorite restaurant but today I woke up all yucky and swollen this morning…I can't let this happen anymore.  I think it's time to break up with your chips and creamy jalapeño.  Man this will be a hard one.  I did have a margarita last night and it was too much.  No more of those either.

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