Friday Letter - Aug 22nd

Hellooooooo Friday!  I'm so happy to see you.  I hoping for a relaxing weekend.

Dear Hubby - you are the best, thanks for everything!

Dear K:  1st year of high school starts next week!  I'm excited and a little sad, you are growing up so fast.  These four years will fly by so fast.

Dear A:  WOW!  College classes start Monday!  Tears of joy and excitement for you.

Dear running shoes:  We have a couple of dates this weekend. I've finally gotten my workout schedule planned and on the calendar.  Half marathon we go again.

Dear Gym:  I really don't like you, but if coming to visit with you will make me any faster, I will do it.

Dear Fall Craft Show Season:  You are fast approaching.  I've filled out so many applications and I'm not sure why, but every year I get so nervous I will be denied from my favorite fingers (and toes) are crossed!  (I need to do a blog post on show rejection letters).

Have a great weekend everyone!

source:  instagram

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