31 Days My Favorite Things: October 13, 2014: Fall Dresses

I think most of you know I've lost weight and the one thing I now love is to wear dresses. I didn't like wearing dresses before...but now, I shop for dresses like never before.  I wanted to share with you some of my faves for the fall season.  And I may, nor may not have half of these in my closet now.....shhhhhh

I love this site...and I hope to love this dress, it will be shipped soon.  Posting coming soon about company and how you can customize your dress.  I can't wait to share!
It's from eShakti 

Would you believe me if I said this dress is from Old Navy?  Yep, Old Navy.  I can see me wearing this on Thanksgiving - looks so relaxing.  

this dress is from Loft - I love the small detail of leather on the shoulders.  I think a metallic belt would might be perfect with this.  

I really like this color for fall, this dress is from Banana Republic

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