31 days My Favorite Things: October 2, 2014: Tea

I'm a coffee drinker in the morning but at night I love a nice cup of tea just to help me relax before bed.  Here are a couple of my most favorite

Zhi:  Sweet Desert Delight

words from the Zhi Tea Website / Photo source :
"We blend our organic red rooibos (pron. "roy-bos"), coconut pieces, cacao nibs, anise pods, cinnamon, safflowers and stevia leaf to create a world-class organic taste sensation. 
This is truly an oasis for the senses. Relish in the heady aroma of the steeping brew.
Inhale deeply. Pour a mug. Savor. Imbibe. Repeat. Indulge. Relax! 
No sugar and no caffeine. Naturally sweet and healthy; from Zhi to you."

Tazo Berryblossom White
source:  Tazo.com
White tea and blueberry flavor with other natural flavors.
A group of young white tea leaves gracefully perform handsprings and backflips in a field of wildflowers. An audience of ripe, tangy blueberries and mild cane sugar cheers from the sidelines.

Tazo Green Ginger

Source:  Tazo.com This bright green tea blend has a kick from ginger and a sweet note of pear.
Smooth green tea takes root in the fiery depths of ginger, yet runs lithely through the lemongrass. It pauses only to pluck the juiciest of pears from bowed branches (and to thank you for inviting us in to warm up your daydreams).

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