Finally Ready for the Holidays with Libman + Coupon

I'm usually THAT person
You know, the one that has a plan for the holidays.
The person who has her Christmas shopping almost done the weekend after Thanksgiving.
The person who has her house clean and Christmas tree up by Thanksgiving night.

This year has been different.  Life has given us a hot water tank leak and a flood in our kitchen and dining room from our washer.  Just a small bump in the road - nothing that can't be fixed.  I have finally had time to put up our Christmas tree and also give the house a nice cleaning just in time for the holidays.

I'm so excited to work with the Libman team and use their clean solutions and mop.

More than 118 years ago, Libman started as a small family company set on making the finest, most durable wire-bound corn brooms and has grown into a leader in the home cleaning industry. Over the years they’ve grown and introduced great products like the world-famous Wonder® Mop, Freedom® Spray Mop, Freedom® Floor Concentrates and much more.

This little package made my day.

I needed so much help to get ready and Libman was there to rescue me - here is my dining room before...

And here it is after...

Finally completely done.  And cleaning the floor was pretty fast and easy.  Love it!

Libman also wanted you to enjoy their products.  Click here for a coupon for Libman products.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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