Friday Letter - Dec 19, 2014

dear christmas: I can't believe you are almost here!  I think times flies by faster the older I get

dear vacation:  welcome!  stay a while.  almost 2 weeks off!  Amazing!  I sooooo need it.

dear 2015:  I'm coming.  I need to starting setting goals.  Goals for running, business goals and also work goals.

dear left ear:  I can't hear a thing.  I think to try to get into the doctor TODAY

dear running - ok, let's start getting ready for this race.  I'm so behind in training but I'm getting back on target.  I love this picture of me.  I know it's not much to many of you, but this is the day I ran my first 10 miles - I will never forget this day.

dear erin condren:  I'm sorry I tried another planner...but in the end I came back to you.  I guess I will need to throw out the 'other' planner I's really all about the quality of the paper.

dear everyone:  have a fantastic weekend.  I plan to wrap gifts, clean and rest.


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