Friday Letter - Jan 30, 2015

January has just flown by this year, I truly believe the older you get, time speeds up.
Happy Friday everyone!

dear self:  I can. not believe I finished my 2nd half marathon.  I'm excited.  and to be honest, just a tad disappointed.  At mile 11 I started to have leg cramps which forced me to do lots of walking.  I was completely down on myself, I'm getting better with it now.

the great thing...counted as a lesson learned.

second great thing...sign already registered for next year's race!

third thing is...I've decided to start from the beginning and run with a training group.  I love my running partner and I need her, but I tent to lean on her a lot.  It's time that she starts to train for her next full marathons.  I don't think I'm ready for a full.  Running 26.2 miles is a long term goal.  I will run with her on shorter runs but I'm going to start to spread my wings.

dear family:  thank you so much for being at the finish line!  and supporting me on the course, it really means everything to me.

dear people who will never change:  I just need to just hoping things will get better and realize somethings will never change and not having the best relationship with you for me is really just ok.

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