5 minute DIY - St. Patrick's Day Gift

Everyone has time to create this project.  This St. Patrick's Day Gift is a clever way to celebrate.  I promise it will only take you 5 minutes to create.  I found these mini coffee cups and I knew I must have them.  For what?  At the time I wasn't sure, but they make the perfect little gift containers for any holiday or celebration.  I made this really quick gift for one of my daughter's teachers.

2 - Disposable Mini Coffee Cup with Lids
Scrapbook paper
Accessories:  Pom Poms | Paper Straws

First, you will need to make a pattern.  Cut one of the cups down one side and then remove the bottom.  Lay it flat and then use this as a pattern to trace onto your scrapbook paper.  Use adhesive to apply the scrapbook paper to the second cup.  Decorate and add candy and treats.  Now to think of other ways to use these containers.  
Simple and easy. 

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