Friday Letter - March 27, 2015

dear self:  it's been a great week.  little surprises always make my day.  still working on me and trying to delete all negative things out of my life, surrounding myself positive people and positive things that will help me grow.  trying new things is the new me.  

dear calligraphy class:  you are going to be awesome!  Can't wait until tonight.

dear honey:  thank you for being my number one supporter.

dear running:  ok, slow getting back started but we will get there.  I think we might need a personal trainer to help get stronger.  

dear SNAP conference:  whooohooo!  less than a month and I will be back in Utah.  Can't wait.

dear to-do list:  why are you so long and why will you not leave me alone?  ugh #sotired #notenoughtimeintheday

dear taxes:  I know, I know I need to get started.  I will - this weekend.

Have a great weekend,

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