national memo day

did you get the memo?
today is national memo day!!
What national memo day, yup, a paper-lovers DREAM

memo, memorandum, noun: [mem-oh[mem-uh-ran-duh]
a short note designating something to be remembered, especially something to be done or acted upon in the future; reminder.
a record or written statement of something.
an informal message, especially one sent between two or more employees of the same company, concerning company business:
an interoffice memorandum.
I love anything that has to do with memos.  paper, pads, post it notes, markers, pens, pencils...should I go on?  I cleaned off my desk to show you a few of the things I use to create note and memos. 

1.  target
2.  meant to Be Sent
3.  home goods
4. amazon
5.  hobby lobby
6.  home goods
7. walmart
8 pebbles
9.  amazon
10.  ikea
11.home goods

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