Small Business Spotlight: Stay Organized with P | A | K

I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Marlinda and Nicol at the Junior League's A Christmas Affair in Austin and I absolutely loved this product at first sight.  P | A | K  Wallet, keeps your bag organized and mess-free.  

Not many of you know this about me, I often leave home without applying my deodorant.  I have one friend I text each time this happens and she just laughs.  It is really so funny, it happens often.  It's so hot here in Texas and it's hard to keep a travel sized deodorant bar in the glovebox of the car.  When it happens, I just pray not to get over heated enough and start sweating.  Not anymore!!!

P | A | K is a small wallet that fits in all of your bags and includes all the necessary essentials to get you through the day or night.  The wallet comes in three sizes:  The Original, The Mini and The Micro.  I purchased The Original because it includes deodorant wipes!  YES!  So awesome.  You can place inside a purse or bag OR attach the chain that comes with The Original or The Mini and carry it as a small purchase.  The Micro can be carried as a small clutch.

Not only does the wallet include all of these items.  Most items are refillable just visit their site to find out more information.  

Most of you know I love green, so I purchased the green wallet, but these also are available in black. The P | A | K Store has offered my readers a coupon.  Use coupon code PAK35 for 35% off and FREE shipping.

Please note this is not a sponsored post.  All views are my own.  All photos are from the PAK website

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