2016 3M Half Marathon Recap

The day's leading up to the race I found myself a little nervous - well, ok, a lot nervous.  Even the night before I went outside to look at the full moon and just BE.  It was nice.

The morning of the alarm went off at my usual time.  I ate of couple of crackers with peanut butter on them and a banana.  I rode with the a friend who played jazz music in the car and that made me feel really peaceful.  Had a short wait at the porta-potty line.  And we head to the starting line.  Saw so many friends!


We start.  I didn't want music.  That's ok.  The sunrise is amazing.  And thousands of bright colored shirts and jackets going up only one of two hills in the race.  I love seeing the sun rise on runs but sharing this with thousands more was something special.

Here were my thoughts, mile by mile.

Mile one.  This is just a regular run with my running partner.  I think I'm getting a little excited. Wow. The first mile went really fast.

Mile two.  Wow! Nuun is a sponsor - look at all of the Nuun cups on the ground.  So happy I'm not picking up that mess!

Mile three.  Not bad...ugh the sun is so bright, these sunglasses are not helping me one bit. That was fast.

Miles four - six.  Ok, I'm getting tired.  I want to pace a little better.  Too fast?  Not sure.  You can do this. There is a lady I've been along side the entire time.  She says hello.  Awwww that's sweet.  We chat about we think we might cross the finish line together.

Mile seven.  I feel really good - I just want to go, but afraid of using all my energy.  I see a sign, I want to read it because it has Donald Trump's face on the front, but I can't because the best sign is right behind it - THIS IS EASIER THAN BURPIES!  This is so true!!! Keep on pace, great job.

Mile eight.  Wow!  Beef team.  They are loud.  Love seeing them on this course.  Whaaaaat?!?!?  I see my bootcamp instructor and other other running friends.  Huge hugs...so comforting.  I wanted to stay there with them.  ok, let's walk a little.  Wait, what, did I feel something in my leg?  NO way, right??

Mile nine.   There goes my runner partner, she's much faster than I am.  It's now just me and my music. We are on our own.  But it's ok, I still have the lady I've never met.  She is still with me.

Mile ten.  Take a picture.  Do not leave this spot until you get this picture. Ok, got it.  I wanted to kick that sign right in the face. Keep going.  Wait - I do feel something in my leg.  Just keep going. You've come this far, can't stop now.  This time last year I cried two times by this point, so far no tears. That's good.  {Last year I started to cramp at mile 10 and had to walk the rest of the race, so I have a love hate relationship with mile 10.}

Mile eleven.  I'm going to push.  Don't think about how your legs feel.  It's fine, just keep going.  It's fine, just keep going.  I should make this into a song...

Mile twelve.  Really!  Mile 12.  Ok, each time I stop to walk I feel the cramp in my leg.  Running helps, keep running.  Last mile.  You got this.  Turn on music...really loud.  Thanks Bruno, love this song.

Mile thirteen.  MILE 13...whooohooo!  Yes, I can see the finish line. There is my husband.  So glad to see him and he can take my water bottle. I'm almost there...few more steps and DONE.  Arms up...head down. I'm tired.  Yay, there's my running partner.  She's so supportive. There goes those cramps.

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