Running Recap - Jan 17th - Feb 6th

In the last weeks since I've last posted I've run two races - a half marathon and 10K!  I have race recaps scheduled on the blog this week.  Can't wait to share.  I'm thinking of signing up for more races - I will keep you posted. I do, however need to work on getting a little faster.  My bootcamp instructor and running partner are sharing a few tips and we are working to help me reach to my goals.  By the way, they are both amazing marathoners.

Here are the updates:

Since I've started to recored my steps, I can completely tell when I work from home.  My steps for the day are a lot lower.  I sit the entire time when working from home. When I'm in the office, I'm running around most of the day, I also park at the back of the parking's about 200 steps to my desk from the car each way.  On days when I run, my steps are amazing.  Do any of you have other clever ways to get in more steps each day?

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