Painted Gumball Machine

March is National Crafting Month...I'm so excited to join Jen Goodie of 100 Directions to celebrate all things crafty.
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This week, it's all about paint, and most of you know, I love paint!  So, I broke out the spray paint and got to crafting.  I'm happy to share my teal gumball machine project with you.

I ordered my gumball machine online and knew from the start I wanted a different color.  You only need a few things to get started.  The hardest part of this project for me - having enough patience and waiting for the paint to dry so I could use it.

Gumball Machine
Spray Paint
Painters Tape
Cardboard or cardboard box
Extra newspaper or plastic bags

While the gumball machine was perfect, I wanted to to fit my brand better as I wanted to take it along with me to craft shows.

I stared with a new machine, the parts were perfect.  But if you happen to have a vintage machine, I suggest you contact the company of your machine for any needed replacement parts.

I took apart the machine and put all the inside parts and glass bowl to the side.

I then filled the inside part of the machine with plastic bags and used painters tape to cover all the areas I didn't want to paint.  And remember you want no paint on the inside of the machine. It just keep any food safe.
And just paint.  I needed 3-4 coats. It's very humid here in Texas, so I was required to let it dry for days, about 3 times longer than the instructions on the can.  I even brought it inside the house from the garage the last two days just to be sure.

Hope you enjoy!  If could paint a gumball machine in any color, what color would that be?  
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Jen Goode said...

Cute!! I love the color you chose for this project, what a great painted craft idea. Thank you for sharing!

Danelle said...

Super cute!! Can you please tell me what color spray paint you used, and what brand?

Danelle said...

Super cute!! Can you please tell me whet color spray paint you used, and what brand?