Simple DIY Chipboard Coasters

I needed a really quick house warming gift.  I purchased a gift card for the couple.  But I also wanted to give them something handmade with a personal touch..  I thought chipboard coasters would be perfect. You can make lots of these for a small price.  These are disposable, so I made a stack of them.

Here are the things you will need to get started:
  - Round chipboard coasters (you can purchase here)
  - Vinyl
  - Electronic cutting machine

I wanted to use the words 'home sweet home'.  I just typed it out in my cutting machine software and then just used the fonts I liked most.  Simply cut it out and apply to coasters.  I added a great ribbon and I had an instant gift


Unknown said...

these coasters are darling! i would love to make some with a movie quote

Unknown said...

Wow that sounds so easy!! I wish I had a cutting machine, so I'd be stuck with writing them all myself, but that is such a great idea for a gift. Cute, easy and usable!

Unknown said...

So pretty and easy! This is EXACTLY why I need a cutting machine!

Lindsay Satmary said...

What a cute and easy project!

Miss Angie said...

Oh those are really adorable, I love them!

BrianDMahanSEP said...

This motivates me to do the same on my house! It looks fun and easy... it can also serve as our bonding time of my children.. :)