Teacher's Gift: Dipped Pencils + Printable

We love teachers in my house.  Teachers wear so many hats - not sure if I could ever be a teacher.  Not only do we love teachers, we love the principles, office staff and even the hall monitor!  I try to give everyone a little something for the holidays - usually a gift card.  But for Teacher's Appreciation Week, I try to give handmade gifts.  Not sure if the hall monitor will enjoy these but I think most of my daughters teachers will.  I created hand-dipped pencils and a super cute tag to attach.

Milk Shake Straws
Painters Tape
Acrylic Paint
2 - Boxes

1.  Cut the straws down to 4 inches
2.  Cover the bottom of the straws with painters tape.
3.  Attached the straws to the side of a box so the can remain standing while dipping pencils - see picture below. 

4.  Fill the straws with paint

5.  Dip straws.

6.  Allow the pencils to dry over night, using another box I had on hand, I cut holes in the box so the pencils can dry upside down.


 To package, I added the pencils into a bag and attached a cute tag.  You can find the printable here.  


Donna said...

This is a great idea! Teachers are so hard to find a fun gift for. Multiply the dozens of presents every year....its nice to find a fun gift that can be used at home for anytime by anyone in their family! Thank you!

Bobbie Masterson said...

LOVE this idea....Can you please tell me where you found the solid white pencils???

Tisas Creations said...

Bobbie I buy them in bulk, you can find them here http://www.gpencil.com/product/P825B.php?gclid=CIX_7Y2Fl80CFQktaQodF-YIpQ
Thanks for stopping by. Tisa