What's in my Snack Bag

I received products and decided to write a blog post about this item. All opinions are mine.
The first time I saw the commercial for these I wanted to give these a try. These are goodnessknows snacks squares made with nuts, tangy fruit and dark chocolate.
The first thing that caught my eye - the squares!  There are four squares in each package.  Each package is 150 calories, and perfect for an amazing on the go snack.  
Quick and easy another major plus!  I have two packages in my purse right now.
I've only tried the Peach, Cherry, Almond and Dark Chocolate and 
the Cranberry Almond and Dark Chocolate they both are amazing!  
I found these at my local grocery store on the health food isle next to the protein bars.  I'm trying to eat better and not everything I ate is amazing, I still want items that taste great.  I know most people try to say no to chocolate when they are trying to get in shape and lose weight.  But I love being able to have the choice to eat one square or all four squares.  Because sometimes you only need one bite of chocolate instead of the entire package.

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