DIY Balloon Filled Gifts

I'm so excited to share this project with you.  Celebrate birthdays and special celebrations with balloons filled with small gifts, money and confetti! Let's cue the confetti and cue the fun! Grab yourself a few balloons and get to blowin' and create a super fun and fast gift.  DIY style - of course!
Why not make the birthday boy or girl work a little for the fun gifts and what a creative way to give money!  I grabbed a few supplies and got started.  I’m so excited, here is what you'll need..
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– A clear container, we used a glass jar
– confetti (you can find our handmade confetti tutorial here)
Clear Balloons
– Ribbon
– Small toys and money to fit inside the balloons
This is pretty simple.  All I did - take confetti, insert it into the balloons and then blow up the balloons. Our balloons are small so we did need to roll the confetti to fit inside.  Same with the toys.  Please note: choose toys without sharp edges.  The whistle in the picture would tear the balloon each time we tried to get it inside a balloon.  You will need to stretch the balloon over most toys.  Money is much more simple, just fold in half and then just roll to insert.
 I tied a bright pretty ribbon, added a card and that's about all.  I think anyone would have a great time popping each balloon and find sweet surprises inside.  

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