Hand Painted Note Cards

Happy Friday everyone!

I've been searching for great first day of school teacher gifts. And decided to make a few using what else...SCHOOL SUPPLIES!  I absolutely love when the isles start to fill up with all the school supplies.  I love to see what's new, and always loving the classics.  My favorite classic...64 count Crayola Crayons, you know the one with the sharpener in the back...yes!
Today I used INDEX CARDS.  Yes! Regular 3x5 inch blank index cards to create this great project. You only need a few more supplies to get started - let's go!

3 - pkgs 100 count blank index cards
Berry Basket
Scrabble Tiles (optional)
Acrylic Paint - I used Decoart's Americana Sea Breeze
Foam Brush
Binder clips

1.  Stack index cards.
2.  Clamp two sides using binder clips
3.  Paint ONE coat on 2 sides - let dry
4.  Re-position the binder clips and paint ONE coat on the other two sides, let dry
5.  Pull apart the index cards, you can try flipping through them, like a book and they will come apart easier.  If you added a little too much paint, you will need to pull them apart one by one.
6.  Stack the cards together and tie with ribbon.
7.  Place the notecards in the berry basket.
8.  (optional) I added scrabble tiles just to add something to the front, you could also simply add a tag.
And you have the cutest little teacher's gift, teachers could use this to write hall passes or even notes home.  And I could see this in more amazing colors - pink, red, blue, purple...all the colors!  Thank you so much for stopping by.

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Unknown said...

This is too cute! Love it!!