Hand Painted Vintage Sugar Mold

I purchased a Vintage Sugar Mold months ago and it has been sitting in the garage waiting to become something awesome.  Yes, yes, I'm using the words painted and vintage in the same sentence.  I love the look of vintage pieces and I also love to update them to make them work for me in the studio. Give me paint and I will paint the world.

Just to give a little history on sugar molds:  They were used the southwest areas of the US and Mexico to measure brown sugar, the sugar was thick and full of molasses.  It was packed in molds and wrapped, then sold in local stores or at markets.  Pieces of the sugar were chipped away as needed for cooking.  The sugar was measured this way because most places didn't have scales.
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I purchased my mold at a local vintage market.  You can find these at most vintage markets.  You can also find them here and here

 This project took a little time, but it was really easy.  Here is what you need to get started:
     Vintage Sugar Mold
     Arcylic Paint
     Primer Spray Paint
     Foam Brushes

1.  Clean the mold
2.  Spray the primer the base coat - let dry
3.  Then paint base of mold with acrylic paint (I painted three coats)
4.  I then painted the holes different colors
5.  Let dry and touching up as needed

The mold fits my Cricut supplies fit perfect!  In additional to my holding my cricut supplies, it can also hold pens, markers, scissors, all your crafting supplies, as well as plants candles, the possibilities are endless.

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Nita K. said...

This is really cute! I love the bright colors.