DIY Time Zone Clocks with Walnut Hollow

I had such a great time creating these Time Zone Clocks and yes of course, they are DIY.  It was pretty amazing to work with Walnut Hollow.  I grabbed wood, clock and paint supplies and got started.  
Have you seen this post over at the Walnut Hollow site.  I had a great time coming up with this project.  It was a little out of the box for me and to be honest, pushed my creatively.  In the end I love these clocks and currently have them displayed above my desk.   Until this project, I had never used a Burner Tool.  But I think sometimes going outside your comfort zone - it's the only way we can grow.
I wanted to just take a moment to talk about the Walnut Hollow wood product.  When the circle panels arrived I could not get over the amazing quality of the wood. They were so super smooth and I didn't expect them to be as thick as they were.  The wooden panels worked amazing with the burner tool. Yes, I must admit, I rubbed the panels over and over.  I'm such a nerd for amazing craft supplies. I also used a few other supplies for this project.  You can find the tutorial here.
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the Walnut Hollow Instagram for more inspiration and ideas!

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