Easter Gift Guide: Decor for a Perfect Spring Holiday

Today I wanted to share with you a great Easter Gift Guide Decor for a Perfect Spring Holiday.  I'm sharing decorating ideas and also gift ideas for anyone.  Easter is a special time, with so many memories with family and friends.  Church, lunch and the afternoon with extended family.  Always such a great time.

I also have memories of being so nervous at the Easter service Sunday afternoon.  All kids had to stand up and speak in front of the entire church to give an "Easter Speech,"  Yes, it was educational, but it was also a terrifying task for a kid.  Ha, the memories.  

I hope you enjoy Easter this weekend.  And I hope some of these fun things make it into your homes.  

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1 - Bunny Stuffed Animal  2 - Happy Easter Door Hanger |  3 - Hanging Easter Egg Décor | 4 - Eggcellent Easter Dish Towels | 5 - Tulip Wreath |  6 - Porcelain Box  | 7 - Some Bunny Loves You Pillow | 8 - Easter Egg Carousel | 9 - Amazon Gift Card in an Easter Egg  10 - Spring Lilac Candle 

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