Teacher Stationery + Free Printable

Hi everyone, today I wanted to share a quick teacher stationery printable. But first, let me tell you a little story.

I have two kids - they are older.  I have a senior in high school and one in college.  I absolutely miss my kids attending elementary school.  I miss visiting and see all the little kids in line walking the hallways, I miss having lunch in the cafeteria.  I miss having only one teacher to communicate with.

My daughter now drives, and believe me those days go by so fast.   I do volunteer but usually don't get a chance to see her.  If I try to come to visit with her, I think she might run in the opposite direction.  ha!

We do have a few teachers and mentors my daughter loves in her high school.  We try to celebrate these teachers for teacher appreciation's week.  But why not have a cute gift for your teacher before you even meet them.  I'm not saying become a teacher's pet.  Teachers are so stressed at the beginning of the year.  While your child is nervous for the first day of school, teachers are just as nervous.  So, why not say thank for all the planning as well as organizing and prepping the small details to welcome your sweet child for the first day.

So, on to the project.  This project is really easy, you only need a few things to get started.

FREE Just My Little Mess Printable
Card stock cut to 5x7 inches
A7 Envelopes
 The printable measures 5x7 inches, so all you do is add your card stock into your printer and print as many copies as you like. Be sure your printer is set to print 5x7 borderless, if you have a photo printer, you may need to use the photo settings - all printers are different, but should be pretty simple to figure out.

Stack your stationery and envelopes together and simply tie with ribbon.  I added pencils for the extra touch.

Thanks for stopping by!

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