Halloween Drink Wraps

Is it too early to think about Halloween - Fall, where did you come from?  It's still in the 90's in Texas so it doesn't feel like fall, but don't tell Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I'm so excited to revisit this fun and easy project quick with you.  

Halloween Drink Wraps.  Great idea to add a little extra touch to any Halloween party.  

You will need items I'm sure you already have at home, so let's get started.
Water Bottle, or Soda Bottle
Paper Cutter

1.  Print the printable, you can find the file HERE
2.  Trim
3.  Adhere the wrap to the bottle and add tape to secure.  

And remember you can use these on most water bottles and soda bottles.  We used mini Fanta bottles in our project.  I'm excited to join in with my very first eighteen 25 Spooktacular September. 

Leave us a comment letting us know how you plan to spend your Halloween.  Dressing up?  Hitting the streets for lots of candy?  Me, I will be at home giving out candy, hopefully in our new neighborhood.  Can't wait to meet all the neighbors.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy.

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