Happy Boo To You Banner

hi everyone!  I've had an amazing opportunity to work with a new paper company - Love + Lemon Craft Co.!  I'm so in love with these craft supplies 'inspired by the sunshine-colored lemons hanging from the California trees outside their windows'.  They offer everything from banners to stickers and even pins!

Halloween is only a few days away.  Today I worked with chalk banner pennants, tags and stickers to create a simple banner to display with your upcoming Halloween decor.

You only need a few supplies to get started...

Love + Lemon Chalkboard Banners Kit
Love + Lemon
Love + Lemon Glitter Letter Stickers
Love + Lemon Twine
Print Out

I'm not very comfortable with my handwriting so I printed out a saying using one of my favorite fonts and made it large enough to cover the chalkboard banner.  Simply cut each letter and trace the back with chalk.

Then trace each letter with a pencil onto the chalkboard banner, you will see a thin outside of each letter.  

Finish each letter using chalk (included in the package) or a chalk pen. 

Next, I used the Glitter Alpha letter and just added them to the tags.

And used twine to create the banner.  Happy Boo To You.  Do you celebrate Halloween?  If you, how do you decorate your home? 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, please be sure the checkout Love + Lemon Craft Co. for more creative ideas.

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