DIY Advent Calendar

Hi everyone, this is a post from last year that I'm absolutely still in love with.  DIY Advent Calendar.  Advent calendars are really simply the best.  It's a countdown to Christmas and kids get really excited.  I secretly get more excited than the kids. Growing up our kids received a simple treat each morning.  Think outside the box and insert bible verses or encouraging words, the ideas are endless.

This is so fun, you are going to love it.  It takes a little time, but you are going to be so happy with the results, I promise.  You only need a few things to get started, so let's go:

 - 24 Cotton Muslin Bags, measuring 3 X4 inches
 - Vinyl
 - Personal Cutting Machine
 - Acrylic Paint
 - Foam Brush

1.  Cut out numbers 1- 24  in vinyl using your favorite font using your cutting machine.
2.  Add each number to bag
3.  Paint bag using your acrylic paint
4.  Remove vinyl
5.  Let completely dry
6.  Hang

This last step is completely optional.  I used a 16 X 20-inch frame, removed the glass and added a piece of MDF then added gold hooks to hang the bags.  You could also display your bags using clothespins to hang your bags from ribbon or twine.  Hang on a mantle or from a kitchen island.  Have fun with this project.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do.  Leave a comment letting me know what colors you decided to paint your bags and what surprises did you insert into the bags.

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