Craft Room Organization: Bins

Hello, everyone.  I've received so many questions from the Craft Room Tour asking about some of the items used to get this area organized and I thought I would share.  Today I'm going to talk about bins.

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I currently have 4 different sizes of these bins, they are all from Ikea.
 - the boxes with lids are from Kuggis collection
 - the boxes without lids are from the Variera and Pluggis collections
I love these because they are white and they make the area look so nice and neat.  They also allow me to hide things in plain sight.

I went just a little further and added labels to each of the bins.  I printed 25 - 30 labels, so it was a little time-consuming.  But so worth it!  I no longer waste time looking for supplies, trying to remember which box has ribbon, adhesive, cardstock, or packaging.
You will need the following supplies:
 - Bins
 - Cricut 
 - Cricut Vinyl
 - Transfer paper
The first step was to put like items together, then I labeled each bin with a post-it note.
Using the Cricut and the Cricut Design Center, I typed each label using one of my favorate fonts and added them to the front of the bins.
You will need to measure your bins to determine the height and length of your labels.  We used various sized bins, so we did use a few different sized labels.  You can adjust the size of the label within the Cricut Design Center. 

Here are a few other pictures showing more bins.  

Hope you enjoy.  Thank you for stopping by, please feel free to leave a comment or any questions.

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