Summer is near!  Yay!
I can only describe summer as flexible schedules, lazy mornings, vacations and summer camp.  Sending your kids off the camp can be hard for some of us and not so hard for the rest of us.  And getting happy snail mail from your child is always fun no matter what age.
Today, I partnered with Xyron to create a cute little summer camp stationery package to send off with your kids.  I packaged this is a clear envelope, just add some stamps and wait for those cute little messages.  Giving you all the details about fun things happening at camp.  And of course, they will let you know how much they miss you and can't wait to get back home.

I used a few things to get this project completed, let's get started.

Xyron Creative Station
Xyron 5 inch Refill Cartridge
Paper Cutter
Card Printable & Envelope Seal Printable
1.5 inch Punch
A1 size Envelopes
Clear Pouch (optional)
Scrap Cardstock

1.  Print the card printable and envelope seals
2.  Trim cards with you paper cutter using cut guides

3.  Fold cards on the dotted lines
4.  Punch out envelope seals with your 1.5-inch paper punch
5.  Carefully run the envelope seals through your Creative Station, I used the 5-inch cartridge

6.  Package everything in a clear pouch.  I added a piece of decorative cardstock just to dress it up just a bit.
7.  Add envelopes and stamps

This project is so simple and a great way to keep up with summer camp memories.  There's something a little special to slow down in our oh so busy lives to receive and read a piece a special snail mail.

I hope you enjoy this project.  Please leave a comment letting me if you have or plan to send your kids to camp.

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