Enjoy the Sweater Weather with Waffle Flower

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I created the cutest card with you with the help of Waffle Flower and Xyron.  I'm starting to remember the reason I started my creative journey - I love to stamp.  Waffle Flower, of course, made this so easy. I used the Sweater Weather Stamp Set.  I enjoy the feeling of a warm sweater on a cool fall morning.  This set includes 11 stamps and a matching die.

Let's get started.  Of course, I used a touch of glitter but feel free to leave the glitter off, this card will be just as adorable. 

Waffle Flower Sweater Weather Stamp Set
Scrapbook Paper
Matching Card Stock
Stamp Blocks
Xyron Creative Station
1.  Cut the card stock to size.  My measurements are as follows for my 4.25 X 5.5-inch card:
      RED:  8.5 X 5.5 inches
      BLACK:  4 X 5.25 inches
      WHITE:  3.75 X 5 inches

2.  Stamp the image onto your cardstock
3.  Trim the image.  You could also use the matching die available with the stamp set.

4.  Run black cardstock, white cardstock, and your stamped image through your Xyron Creative Station. 
5.  Stamped a small heart onto the front of the sweater and added glitter (optional)
6.  Stack cardstock, add the image to the card. 

I'm usually a fan of bright colors but I'm loving this simple, plaid card.  There are so many possibilities with this one.  I hope you head on over to Waffle Flower for many more creative ideas and products. 

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