Fresh Start to the New Year

Happy New Year everyone! (well, almost)

I'm still out on vacation from my full-time job and taking a much-needed rest from This Is Tisa.  I love this downtime.  It gives me lots of time to plan for the month.  While I want to try to get all the things done, I must pull back and prioritize some things and manage my time.

Today I'm sharing with you how I plan to organize my year.  While I don't consider myself a planner person, I plan to use three planners this year.  Here is the list of planners and the reason I'm using them.

Erin Condren Life Planner (referral link)
I plan to use this as my daily planner to keep travel with everyday items, blogging, and deadlines.  Also to keep up with travel and fun weekend plans.

Erin Condren Quarterly Petite Planner (referral link)
I plan to use this as a daily gratitude journal.  The daily pages are perfect for this.

Cultivate Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner
This planner is new to me and I have not received it in the mail as of today.  However, it's a goal-setting journal.  It actually helps you create and plan your goals and then you spend just a small amount of time each day working towards your goals.  I can't wait.
One more thing, I plan to use this year...our very own 2020 Monthly Calendar.  This calendar is really just to jot things down as I'm thinking about accepting new clients or posts for the month and really just a fun colorful place to jot things down before going into the planner.  Grab your January calendar below.

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