Porch Welcome Sign with Beacon Adhesives

Happy Thursday!  My front porch is not the most beautiful place in our home.  I tend to...well, ignore it, only changing out the rug once every few years, it’s pretty sad. Today I’m so excited that I finally showed my front porch some love with a little help from Beacon Adhesives.  This welcome sign will greet everyone with a warm hug, even the neighbors currently not your favorites. 

This project does require some dry time, so let’s get started!


Beacon’s Power-Tac

Wooden letters

Rectangle Wooden Framed Sign


*tip, when shopping for letters and wooden signs, please keep measures and find the best letters to fit the wooden sign you plan to purchase.  Our sign is about 3 feet tall and each of the letters are approximately 4 inches tall.

Step 1 (optional);  Paint all wooden surfaces, my sign, and letter were already painted

Step 2:  Align wooden letters onto a wooden sign.

Step 3:  Add Power Tac to each letter and adhere to the wooden sign.  

Step 4:  Straighten letter and allow to dry

I should be honest with you and tell you, I do kill all plants.  I’m going to try hard to keep our porch looking as beautiful as it did on the day we decorated.  Do you decorate the front porch?  Please share if you use any Beacon projects.  Be sure to shop all adhesives at www.beaconadhesives.com.  Get 20% off ALL craft glues using code “TISA20” at checkout.  Exclusions apply.

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