DIY Painted Marble Coasters with Beacon

Hi everyone!  I’m really excited about this project.  I’ve partnered with Beacon Adhesives to create these DIY Painted Marble Coasters using Beacon’s Quick Grip.  “Quick Grip is super strong, super-fast, and better than super glue – Quick Grip bonds, mends, and repairs almost anything! This strong adhesive is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.”1

What I love about this glue, it grabs fast, dries clear, it’s paintable and weatherproof - and the most frustrating thing about super glue - gluing your fingers together...Quick Grip won’t bond to skin.  What, what?  Yes, can you believe it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve glued my fingers together.  Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip can be used on fabric, glass, leather, plastic, and so mucus more.

These coasters are beautiful just the way they are, but I thought they needed just a fun pop of color.  Because well, you all know I love a little color.  This project is easy, but it does require drying time.  So let’s get started.


Step 1:

Add painter’s tape to the coaster in your deserved pattern.

Step 2:

Paint coaster, 2-3 coats of paint.  Let the coaster dry in between coats.

Step 3:

In a well-ventilated area, seal each coaster with Acrylic Glaze, and let them completely dry.

Step 4:

Add a touch of Beacon Adhesives Quick Grip to the back of the felt pads and attach.  Let these completely dry.

Step 5:


I had such a wonderful time adding a touch of color to these coasters. What a fun way to dress up a small party or a family gathering.  I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I loved creating it for you.  Remember, Beacon is so awesome, they are giving you 20% off ALL craft glues at using code “TISA20” at checkout.  Please note, exclusions apply.

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