Halloween Themed Bedazzled Cup with Beacon

Hello everyone!  Halloween is approaching and I must say, I’m not a very spooky Halloween person.  I like the stay on the fun side of Halloween versus the scary side.  And of course, I’m always here for candy.  Today I partnered with Beacon Adhesives and created this super cute, silly Halloween cup.

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This project took me about 2.5 hours to complete, so let’s go over the supplies and get started.  Please see my rhinestone and blinging tips below after the project.  


  • Hard Plastic Tumbler or Cup (mine are from Michaels)
  • Color Shot Spray Paint + Sealer
  • Sandpaper or nail file
  • Face image printed on printable vinyl (found on Etsy)
  • Rhinestones (sizes used 5mm, 4mm, 3mm and 2mm) (found on Etsy)
  • Beacon’s Gem-Tac Adhesive
  • Wax Pen
  • Precision Point Bottle
  1. Lightly sand your cup and clean with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Paint your cup.  Prep your cup with masking tape and do your best not to get paint on the inside of your cup.  Depending on the color of your stones, you want to paint your cup to match your stones.  Seal your cup with a spray sealer.  Let completely dry following the instructions on the bottle.
  3. Once dry, lightly sand once more and clean with alcohol.
  4. Print your face image onto printable vinyl.  Cut out the parts you want on the cup and apply.  
  5. Add your Beacon Gem-Tac to your precision point bottle.
  6. Start adding your rhinestones.  Add a little Beacon Gem-Tac and apply your stone to the top of the cup.  Start with the first row and make sure it’s completely straight.  Let the first row dry for 20 minutes.
  7. While the first line is drying, add your detail stones on the face. I used black and white stones to fill in the eye and mouth.  
  8. Then add the next row, keep going using the honeycomb method, you are just offsetting the placement of the stones to fill in as many gaps are possible.  See the picture below.  When a larger stone doesn’t fit the pattern, use the next smaller stone.  Do not force the stones, you will force the other stones to move and your lines will no longer be straight.   
  9.  The Beacon Gem-Tac comes out white but will dry clear in 24 hours.  Let your cup completely cure for up to 5 days.  Wash before using and enjoy. 

I’ve only been blinging a few months but I’ve learned a lot along the way. I get a lot of questions. I wanted to share some of those questions here with you today.

What adhesive do you use:  Glue and adhesive are a personal choice.  I use Beacon’s Gem-Tac.  Yes, I’ve tried others, however, Gem-Tac is permanent, non-toxic (a must for me), it has a thicker consistency and it’s easy to work with.  My rhinestones tend to slide less when using Gem-Tac.  It comes out white but then dries clear, please allow it to dry for 24 hours and I also let all my items cure for up to 5 days before washing.  

What rhinestones do you use:  There were different types of rhinestones.  I will speak on two today.  These seem most popular right now.

Jelly rhinestones: we are using these today on our project.  They are plastic, these are lightweight, the cost is on the low end. They come in so many colors. 

Glass rhinestones:  made of glass, durable, while they come in many colors, you don’t get as many colors as jelly stones. Once glass rhinestones are added to a project, you can feel the weight difference.  Because they are glass, your object will weigh a bit more.  Costs, more expensive than jelly stones.

Where can I find rhinestones:  I sell them in my shop only on a preorder basis.  You can google to find rhinestones shops.  You can also find them on Etsy and Amazon.  

What size rhinestones should I use for my project and how many will I need:   Rhinestones come in many sizes.  Jelly stones are measured in mm, while glass stones are measured in stone size (ss).  When working on any project.  You should have your main stone size and also filler stones.  Filler stones are stones up to 3 sizes smaller than your main stone.  For example.  Today, our main stone is 5mm, we also have 4mm, 3mm, and 2mm.  Our cup slants just a bit and our 4mm stones will leave some gaps.  You can fill in these gaps with filler stones.  

How many rhinestones will I need to complete a project:  When trying to figure out how many stones I need for a project.  I tend to purchase more than what I need.  I’ve found as I’ve been working with rhinestones - most cups take less than 2500 stones if you are using 5mm or ss20.  Then don’t forget to purchase smaller stones in the same color you are using for filler stones.  The last thing you would want to happen is to run out of rhinestones before finishing your projects or not having the correct size rhinestones.  

Tips:  There is no right or wrong way to bling an item.  I say just start.  When working on a cup, start at the top of the cup.  It’s important to get your first line as straight as possible, so the rest of your lines will also be straight.  Once the first line is finished and straight, let it dry before moving on.  

I hope this helps you start your first rhinestone project.  

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