Rhinestone Craft Room Decor with Beacon

Adding touches of color to my craft room makes me happy.  Making purchases and supporting other small crafters to add special touches when I can.  It’s really special when I’m able to create pieces myself to display.  I call these passion projects.  I love working with Beacon Adhesives, they continue to help turn my crazy creative ideas into reality!  

I'm so excited about this next project.  I needed a new decor piece for the craft room and we all know my love for my own stationery designs and also my love for bling.  I combined the two and created something amazing.  Can you tell by now this is one of my favorite projects?  It is!  I created a craft room wooden sign.  I added everyday crafting supplies to the sign using vinyl and then added bling!

This project is simple, but it does take some time to complete so let's get started.


  • Beacon Gem-Tac

  • Rhinestones

  • Wax Pen

  • Blank Wooden Sign

  • Precision Tip Bottle

  • Vinyl and transfer tape

  • Cutting Machine, I used my Cricut

  • Scissors

  • Vinyl scrapper and weeder

  • Painters Tape

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

Step 1: Measure your sign and decide how large you want your letters. Make marks to use as a guide.

Step 2: Cut all vinyl using your cutting machine.  I used 10 colors or vinyl, but feel free to just use one color.

Step 3: Using you guides you drew earlier, add the vinyl to your wooden sign using transfer tape, vinyl scraper, and weeder.

Step 4: Add the Beacon Gem-Tac into the precision point bottle and start added the adhesive to the vinyl letters, I worked on one letter at a time.

Step 5: Add your rhinestones using a wax pen to pick up each rhinestone.  This does take a while, so bring some patience and enjoy the time.  

This sign adds a special touch to the craft room, it adds more color and inspiration.  I hope this post inspires you to create something amazing for your space.  Beacon continues to be amazing supporting my creative journey, they would like to give you 20% off ALL craft glues at www.beaconadhesives.com using code “TISA20” at checkout.  Please note, exclusions apply.  Please so your support by using my coupon code.  Thank you so much for visiting.  

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