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Rhinestone Adhesives

There are two questions I always get about blinging tumblers and other items. Where do you purchase your rhinestones and what type of glue do you use.  Today I wanted to share a few adhesives you could consider when starting to bling.  There are many different types of adhesives (glues) to select from. Remember to read the packaging for safety instructions and follow the cure times as directed! Here are a few popular options!

Welcome Cricut Craft Fest Holiday

Welcome!  Thank you so much for watching the Cricut Craft Fest Holiday video!  I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I loved creating the project.  Grab our FREE Bling Quick Start Guide download today.

Halloween Themed Bedazzled Cup with Beacon

Hello everyone!  Halloween is approaching and I must say, I’m not a very spooky Halloween person.  I like the stay on the fun side of Halloween versus the scary side.  And of course, I’m always here for candy.  Today I partnered with Beacon Adhesives and created this super cute, silly Halloween cup.

Rhinestone Craft Room Decor with Beacon

Adding touches of color to my craft room makes me happy.  Making purchases and supporting other small crafters to add special touches when I can.  It’s really special when I’m able to create pieces myself to display.  I call these passion projects.  I love working with Beacon Adhesives, they continue to help turn my crazy creative ideas into reality!  

DIY Painted Marble Coasters with Beacon

Hi everyone!  I’m really excited about this project.  I’ve partnered with Beacon Adhesives to create these DIY Painted Marble Coasters using Beacon’s Quick Grip.  “Quick Grip is super strong, super-fast, and better than super glue – Quick Grip bonds, mends, and repairs almost anything! This strong adhesive is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.”1